VJ Salomone Consumer Lines

VJSCL is a leading importer and distributor of products manufactured by global companies with world-class brands.

Here are just some of these brands……

NIVEA is the trusted, leading household name in Malta, offering an affordable, full range of face, hair and body products. NIVEA is a lifelong experience, providing the local consumer with high quality, caring and innovative products from infancy to maturity.

Jeyes offer a wide range of household cleaning, laundry and toilet hygiene products. Consumers rely on Jeyes for thorough and effective products with Jeyes bleach, namely Parozone, being one of the most popular brands locally.

Thermos has been the leading manufacturer worldwide of insulated products since 1904. Here in Malta the Thermos Brand has 100% consumer backing with a vast range of consumer products to choose from. Insulated flasks, carafes, bottles, food store containers & soft bags make Thermos one of the most recognisable brands in Malta.

Spuma di Sciampagnia have for over 100 years provided Italian households with a wide range of soap and detergent products. Today the company has marketed their products throughout Europe with outstanding results even in Malta.

Dr Schär gluten free foods were a recent addition to the division’s portfolio a few years ago. With over 30 years of innovative strategy and the undisputed European gluten-free market leaders, Dr Schär continually contribute towards improving the lives of the coeliac condition. The two leading brands marketed in Malta by VJSCL are Schär and DS Foods.

Tempo tissue paper has become a market leader in many countries, famous for its quality. With over 50 years of experience, Tempo produces technologically advanced strong yet soft tissues.

HL Display is a leading international supplier of products and solutions for in-store communication and merchandising to all retail sectors. It is also a leading supplier of products and solutions to brand manufacturers for merchandising on the shelf and in other parts of the store.

V.J. Salomone Consumer Lines fulfils the needs of customers and consumers by providing essential products that improve the quality of everyday life.



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