VJ Salomone Group

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Our website gives you the opportunity to get to know us better and helps give you an understanding of who we are and what we have to offer.

VJ Salomone is a holding company that incorporates the following fully owned subsidiaries – VJ Salomone Consumer Lines, VJ Salomone Marketing, VJ Salomone Pharma, Pharmasal and SG Solutions. 

The Group core operation is importation and distribution.  The breadth of our business ranges from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Cosmetics & Fragrances and Information Technology. 

The business is managed by 3rd generation family members and has grown to employ over 300 staff.   

VJS invests heavily in organisational training and development in order to meet the ever evolving challenges of the marketplace.  State-of-art IT systems provide real time information and automated business processes throughout the supply chain.  This notwithstanding, management is constantly looking to maximize efficiency without compromising quality. 

Over the 80 year history VJS has built a solid reputation and is recognized as a leader.  At VJS we strongly believe that good business is based on strong ethics and mutual trust.  These principles together with other elements of a high performing organisation - a passionate workforce at every level and in every part of our business; sound strategies; robust systems that enable us to operate with discipline - provide a bedrock of strength.  These pillars have helped fuel growth and provide us with abundant opportunity to keep growing in the generations to come.